Magical Dinner Theater

Our Special Production

Our Special Production1Our Special Production2.pngThe stage is set, the spotlight brings the multi-colored illusions to light, excitement is in the air as uplifting Christian music begins, and The Envoys lead the crowd into a spirit-filled musical beginning to their high energy celebration of Praise!

“Many new people from our community were invited to our magical dinner theater and were blessed by this wonderful ministry. They were amazed by the illusions, learned more about our church and they loved their participation in the magical dinner theater.” – Guillero Dicaterina Pastor Terrytown, N.Y.

This family night favorite is a great opportunity for your group and church family to invite their unchurched family, friends and loved ones. This non-threatening seeker friendly outreach has proven extremely popular and successful. You can ticket this extravaganza as a fund raiser or use complimentary tickets as a “WELCOME – GET TO KNOW US.”

Magic was in the air for our Dinner Theater. One women said ‘I’ve been coming to this church for over 10 years and it took this Dinner Theater for my husband to come to church for the first time.” 

“Many of those attending were people we have never met, so the outreach and appeal of this event are very evident.” – Paul Knickerbocker Pastor, Lewiston, Pa.

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